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On Saturday November 29, 2014 Metztli tours guide “Suri” Susana Barrera had a serious accident and was hospitalized with a head injury, fractured scapula, fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, fractured pelvis, and foot.  After 10 days in the hospital she is doing better but has a long recovery ahead.

For those of you who don’t know Suri, she is a unique, spirited and outgoing person, always among the first to help others. As a tour guide she loves introducing travelers to the beauty, culture and history of El Salvador and is looking forward to the time she is able to resume working.

In an effort to help Suri with her medical and rehabilitation expenses we are accepting donations on her behalf.  Anyone who donates $100 or more will be entered into a drawing to Win a 5 day guided Surf trip or Adventure tour of El Salvador for 2 people including hotels, transportation and daily guided tours and activities. The trip is being donated by Metztli Tours and all donations will go directly to help Suri.

To make a Donation please use the following link to PayPal:

The drawing for the trip will be held on January 15th, 2015.  A winner will be selected randomly and notified by email with trip details and booking instructions, airfare and meals not included.  The trip is valid for any 5 days of travel starting March 1st, 2015 through Febuary 29th, 2016.

Thank you for any contribution you can make and for your prayers and wishes for Suri’s quick recovery.

Michael Schosser
Metztli Tours, El Salvador

P.S. You can check on Suri’s progress here at Metztli Tours – Blog / News page or on her Facebook page –

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    On Friday, January 15th we had the drawing for the 5 day guided Surf trip or Adventure tour of El Salvador. Congratulations to our trip winner Tristan Hash and thank you to everyone who helped us raise close to $5000 for Suri’s medical and rehab expenses.

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    Progress update 3 for Suri:

    Suri’s visit to the doctor on Friday went well, she is starting physical therapy on Tuesday and is able to walk and move around without the wheel chair. She is slowing building up her strength and can’t wait to start doing tours soon. Once again we want to thank everyone for their love and support it has help so much.

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    Progress update 2 for Suri:

    Suri is doing a lot better and is scheduled to see her doctor this week. She is looking forward to after the X-rays and doctor’s visit so she can start physical therapy and start walking again.

    Once again, thank you for your support and caring, with your help we have raised $4630 for Suri and are getting close to our goal of $5000.

    There is still time left to get entered to Win the 5 day guided Surf trip or Adventure tour of El Salvador for 2 people. So far 8 people are entered in the drawing for the contest, so your chances of winning are pretty good.

    If you are interested in making a donation you can use the PayPal link below:

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    Progress update for Suri:
    Suri is out of the hospital and back in her home. She is in good spirits and is slowly improving each day. She needs to stay in bed for 6 – 10 weeks for her injuries to heal properly and is schedule to see her doctor in a few weeks for more X-rays and to check on her progress. She would like thank all the people who have given there support and wishes for her recovery. It has helped a lot to keep her spirits up knowing so many people care.


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