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  1. Alex Kaplan Post author

    Big thank you to #MetztliTours #mikeschosser #surikatee for showing me the ropes in #elsalvador and sharing tons of local knowledge and contacts. Everyday we were at the right spot scoring clean, overhead and often empty surf. El Salvador completely exceeded my expectations, even though my own surfing certainly did not lol. #rusty #gingoloco #surf #speedpowerflow #yeh #surfing #travel #ericarakawa #ericarakawadesigns 5’10″ #pocketrocket #futures #techflex #quad #sentit #sendit

  2. Eddie Elliott Post author

    Hey Mike,

    The surf trip was amazing, we wish we would’ve scored bigger size in but the whole experience was awesome. Our guide Rafael did amazing job taking us everywhere and showing us all the spots. He made the experience that much better. We got back safe and sound and now just busy with all the holidays.

    Our hotel was nice, but we really enjoyed the scene at El zonte. We would all definitely like to come back Lol.

    Thank you for coordinating everything and already looking forward to our next surf trip haha

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holidays!


  3. Leslie Dickerson

    Had another amazing trip to El Salvador thanks to Michael and Suri! This is my third trip to El Salvador and have used Metztli Tours every time! They are amazing hosts and guides. They have local knowledge of the country for waves, food, and culture. If you want to experience El Salvador this is who you go to. Although my main objective is to surf, I have also been able to see coffee plantations, volcanoes, Mayan ruins, local food festivals, and waterfalls. I will continue to book my El Salvador trips through Metztli Tours and I highly recommend you do the same. You won’t be disappointed!! Thank you again Michael and Suri!!

  4. James Davis Post author

    Wanted to give a huge thanks to our hosts Mike and Suri @surikatee for taking great care of us on our trip to El Salvador. It was our second time with them and there is no better choice of who to use if you ever visit. Here’s some pics of the surf and food we enjoyed. #gasstationceviche #pizza #langostoconcamarones #narcoperro #centralamerica #elsalvador #metztilitours #chino #getoffmyinsidecj #surfinglife #surf #surfdaily #surfcentroamerica

    central.america I Love it

  5. James Davis Post author

    We recently booked a last minute strike to El Salvador. The forecast looked good but we had no idea how we were going to pull the trip off. We contacted Metztli Tours and they took care of all the planning. They were able to secure us last-minute accomodations. Their crew picked us up everyday and took us to the best surf spots for the prevailing conditions, tide, crowds, etc…. They were also able to secure a photographer for every session! Mike and Suri are incredible hosts but more importantly, great people. I highly endorse Metztli Tours and will be coming back for another visit for sure!

  6. Johny Marcelino Post author

    Feeling alive! Bons Momentos………..Gracias @surikatee por el tour! You guys were amazing!

  7. Lauro Schubach Pastor Almeida Post author

    El Salvador SUP and surfing hard with love meeting great people having a fantastic culinary experience and above all exchange energy at the pacific rim.
    Impressive archaeological sites, Mayan pyramid and its energy grid, Active volcano and its stems, a real earth quake, Water crazy caves and amazing waterfalls with a nice hike and a breathtaking rain forest. Been treated like family learning a lot about the Mayan culture and its gorgeous and very special people

    Very special vibe – we indeed exchanged a lot of it.

    Thanks for sharing Love

    Mahalo Nui

  8. Jack Porcelli Post author

    Jack’s Fishing Charters

    I recently spent a week in El Salvador with the crew from Metztli Tours and it was an amazing experience. If you plan on visiting I would highly recommend this company. The local knowledge will help you save time and money.

  9. Carolina

    El día de ayer viaje con Metztli Tours hacia el Volcán de San Salvador y me pareció una aventura inolvidable El Salvador es muy lindo y quisiera recomendar a Suri y a Mike para hacer viajes con ellos dentro del país, son geniales. Saludos!

  10. Alfredo Chavez Cabello Campbell Post author

    Alfredo Chavez Cabello Campbell

    Dear Suri and Mike, I want to thank you for the best surf trip ever, i’ve been 4 times to hawaii and 1 to indonesia and this was better for me, i liked more the waves and punta roca is now my favorite spot in the world. I will be coming back sooner than you expect, and for sure will send my peruvians friends there. I will create a folder in my facebook page with the best photos and people here will be surprised. Nos vemos!!


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